How do you get Blue Waffle Disease?

In medical condition and in the eyes of professionals it is a new disease and they don’t have idea why this scary disease start effecting males and females. However, it is believed that various bacteria are responsible for its spreading and the infection spreads from one person to another because of unprotected sexual intercourse.

How to treat Blue Waffle Disease?

According to health experts this disease is same like other sexually transmitted diseases. The treatment usually includes applying and taking antibiotic to treat bacterial infection. Many people search for blue waffle disease cure and they try to treat it at home. Unfortunately, this kind of mysterious disease cannot be treated at home. If you want speedy recover then you have to maintain proper hygienic conditions. Wear clean cotton underwear and take care of cleanliness. You have to consider various factors when it comes to the prevention of this scary disease. Always pay attention to your sex life, keep your genital areas clean, and avoid having multiple sex partners and most important wearing condoms will help to prevent any kind of infection, Learn more at this site Charlies Magazines


Blue Waffle Disease Real or Fake

Many of the people are still confused especially when they search for images of blue waffle disease because you encounter such terrible images so don’t search for the images of this disease from now. I tell you why, According to Women’s Health Foundation, there is no such disease known as blue waffle disease in the world of medical science. No such disease exist which cause blue genital organs. It’s all myth and hoax. Few years back this disease was searched all over internet and it became trendy. Every teenager and school going girl wanted to know about the truth of this disease. It is actually an internet-borne disease. Blue Waffle Disease myth was spread from a website claiming of mysterious blue color disease of genital organs. The image which was shown is actually a gentian violet color stained vaginal yeast infection. From that day, the news spread all over the spread and become a subject of discussion. However, according to the updated research no such blue waffle disease exists in women and men.

When you will see the search trends on Google, you will come to know that a few years back people used to search for this disease but now the trends declined to zero because no such disease exist in the world. Therefore, don’t get scared whenever you see any image of genital organs showing blue color. Just be cleaned and take care of proper hygiene. You also get prevented from various kinds of skin infections due to proper cleanliness.