Top Remedies to Cure and Treat Blue Waffle Naturally

This blue waffle is one of the fictional kind of sexually transmitted diseases. It affects only females and it can also lead to severe and intense contamination of the vagina. If you do have weak immune systems, then you will be more inclined to this disease. This illness came up in the form of a mysterious kind of disease during the year 2007. Here, you can check out the finest treatments to treat and cure this disease. If you will notice and observe the symptoms beforehand, then you can easily take necessary actions against this disease.

Application of Tea Tree Oil

If you are a blue waffle patient, then you can follow the remedy of using and applying tea tree oil. Into your bathtub, you can add some of the droplets of tea tree oil. Then you can lay down in that bathtub for around 20 minutes. It is proved that with the implementation of this tea tree oil, you can heal and cure all sorts of yeast contamination affecting your body or even your vagina.

Taking Multivitamin Supplements

You can also take these multivitamin supplements as well as antibiotics to cure this blue waffle illness.These multivitamin supplements will enhance your immune level system against this illness. You should consume multivitamins so that you can easily combat and fight this disease.  If you notice that the situation is getting resilient, then it is must for you to go for antibiotics. These multi-vitamins and consumption of supplements will boost and all strengthen your immune system.

Taking Antibiotics

This illness can too be perfectly healed upon the application and usage of different antibiotics. By using some effective antibiotics, you will see a reduction in the irritation part. Your vagina will no longer burn and might not give a foul smell.

Using Cotton Panties

You can avoid this illness if you will use cotton panties. You have to thoroughly maintain your vaginal region. It has to kept and remain dry enough. By wearing cotton panties, your vagina will remain dry and wet-free. It is common to note that the occurrence and birth of microorganisms happen in the humid circumstances. So, you have to keep your vaginal area all dry. You should do the consistent and constant usage of powders by putting them on your cotton undergarments single post to read

Another natural remedy to stay safe from this illness is to do safe sex. You should be carrying out safe sex because you will remain safer from sexually oriented illnesses. You need to make use of condoms, you have to stop and prohibit any of the additional unsafe methods which possess capability or might lead you to have unsanitary sexual illnesses. Unprotected sex brings dampness in a vagina and we saw an encouraging development of bacteria around the vagina.Doing Safe Sex

These are few of the natural remedies which can keep you safe from this illness. Always make sure to notice and observe the detailed symptoms of this illness so that you can cure it readily on time. We will share more natural remedies and treatments to cure this painful illness.

How is Irish Kilt Clothing Made?

There are so many minds who are stuck with the question in mind that how Irish kilt made out! But you do not have to search around here and there because right through this blog post we will be discussing upon with some of the essential guidelines related to the manufacturing or making of Irish Kilt clothing!

Detailed Steps About How is Irish Kilt Clothing Made:

Step 1: Use of Raw Materials:

In the very first step of the method, first of all, you will be collecting the materials that used in the manufacturing of the kilt. Usually, most of the manufacturers will be starting all through the access of fiber or the filament that is light in weight and at the same time it is strong too. One of the most common threads used is Dyneema that is made all through the use of polyethylene base. It brings stiffness and softness to the kilt clothing.

Step 2: Carrying out The Yarn Production:

It’s time to carry out the yarn production! The yarn is identified to be the long continuous set of the interlocked fibers that is best enough to be used in the production of textures as well as sheet materials.

Step 3: Collection of Sheet Materials:

Moving on to the next level of manufacturing Irish kilt clothing, you will be setting yourself for the collection of the sheet materials.  The yarn in the second step will be later on another woven right into the form of sheet material. It will make it capable much for stopping away from the bullets. Sheet materials play an essential role to make the kilt a thoroughly relaxing and comfortable sort of the clothing piece.

irish kilt

Step 4: Cutting Down The Material:

All through the use of the large size of patterns, various layers of the ballistic view of the materials cut down one.  Maximum of the Irish kilt clothing featured upon with the front as well as back panels. They are all different regarding sizing and shaping from one another. It is the thickness of the material that will identify how much protection the kilt will be giving to you.


Step 5: The Cover of Body Armor:

In the last stage of the Irish Kilt making, you will be carrying out the covering of the clothing. All the layers and sewn that has been done over the ballistic material then structured in the form of a secure envelope.  You can make it featured with the full heat sealing to make it extra protective visit website

So, this was the complete end of the discussion about how the Irish kilt clothing making is carried out!  A kilt clothing might come across to be a simple clothing piece, but it requires sizeable hard work of designing and making to make it successful regarding safety and protection for you. There are so many more of the materials that best utilized when it comes to the manufacturing of the kilt clothing pieces. You need to stay back much alert in selecting the best clothing pieces or the materials in your hands. Try to stick with the one that offers smooth and relaxing outcome for your body!

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? True or Not?

No one can stop themselves from eating the salty popcorns all the time! When human beings cannot stop themselves then how can we expect that the dogs would be stopping them as well. But are you clear with the point in mind that can dogs eat popcorn? Sometimes the popocorns can show some health dangers on human beings as well. So how can we expect that it would stand beneficial for the health of the dogs. Popcorns are rich with the fatty butter and hence they are densely packed with the high percentage of the calories as well. This would lead the dog to face the situations of the upset stomach or even the obesity. But these conditions can only take place if you would be serving the dog on the regular basis and learn more at site Dog Carion .

How Popcorns Can Harm Dog Teeth?

You might do not know the fact that the hard popcorn kernels would be wreaking the havoc of the dog teeth. It might be possible that the dog would by accidentally be cracking the teeth on the popcorn kernels. Or they can also choke on them. So you should avoid serving your dogs with the hard texture of popcorns.

Are Popcorns Safe for Dogs?

            If you are feeding your dog with the small piece of one popcorn, or if you are serving them with the popcorn on the weekly basis, then it would not be bringing any damage on their health. But still, we would say that it would be best enough to avoid the salty and buttery popcorn sort of variety. You can besides it, make the choice of having the plain or with some sort of unsalted popcorn. This can show some safe nature towards your dog.

Plain or unsalted popcorns are healthy and beneficial for the dogs because of the minerals and fiber amount in it. They are also best as for the reason of zinc, as well as magnesium, phosphorus, and also the amount of manganese in it.

can dogs eat popcorn

Eating Popcorn with Butter is Healthy for Dogs or Not?

                        If you want to feed your dog with popcorn and butter mixture, then it is not a good idea to hit your mind with. This is an important point to talk about in can dogs eat popcorns! It might not be harming your dog health but it would be better not to take the risk at all. This is for the reason that we would suggest you to serve your dog with some plain or unsalted popcorns. Butter has cheese in it that tends to include with high sodium content in it as well. This would show some harmful results for your dog’s health! So, all in all we would say that it would be best to avoid your dog from feeding the cheesy popcorns all in together visit this website

Bringing up with the conclusion on can dogs eat popcorns, we would say that popcorns are harmful for dog’s health only if the popcorns right category is not selected. As we mentioned before opt for plain or unsalted popcorns.

All About Stephen A. Smith

A famous American journalist of the sports world and the host an ESPN Radio shows and programs, and an actor, Stephen A. Smith was born on October 14, 1967. His real name is Stephen Anthony Smith. He is known for his aggressive arguments and pretentious nature, because of the arguments he used to do in his shows. By profession, Stephen Anthony Smith is a writer, actor, a sports fanatic, and the host of radio and TV by profession.

He started his career as a commentator, on February 2nd, 2007, on ESPN First Take, where he gets the opportunity to host the show with Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim. Nowadays, this sports personality is hosting two shows i.e. Ryan Ruocco Show” and “The Stephen A. Smith”.

Stephen A. Smith is the highest paid journalist in ESPN, his salary is about $3.5 million which has obviously boosted up his net worth and made his lifestyle lavish. This America sports journalist has a net worth around $10 million.

Early life and his education: Stephen Anthony Smith was born in a family of African/ American, on October 14, 1967, in New York City, United States. He is a second last child among six children. He has four elder sisters and one younger brother who died tragicallyin a car accident in October 1992. However, he grew up in a Hollis section of Queens, United States of America.

Smith has completed his early education from Thomas Edison High School. After completing the high school he attends the Fashion Institute of Technology. In that period, he won the competition of basketball and had received a scholarship to the Winston-Salem State University, from where he completed his degree.


Quick Facts about Stephen A. Smith:

Full name Stephen Anthony Smith
Date of birth October 14, 1967
Birth place Richmond Hill, Queens, New York, USA
Nationality American
Age 50 years
Height 6.1”
Ethnicity African American
Occupation Sports journalist, television host, radio host
Education Winston-Salem State University
Source of wealth Journalism, Publishing
Annual Salary $3.5 million
Net Worth $10 million


How did he make this money and wealth? The famous American sports journalist, Stephen Anthony Smith, after completing his education from Winston-Salem State University has started his career from the print media from Winston-Salem Journal. Later on, he joined the Greensboro News Record and the New York Daily News. In 1994, he joined The Philadelphia Inquirer as a columnist. After some time, he moved to the Philadelphia 76ers as a reporter, in this paper he worked as NBA columnist as well.

Since 2005, he has done many radio shows. He joined WEPN as host of a weekdays noon radio shows. Later on, after four years he joined Fox Sports Radio as an on-air contributor.

Television career: He moved to the television at the end of 1990, as talk show host and analysts on CNN. He has done the commentary as well, he co-hosts the show First Take with the famous Skip Bayless, Max Kellerman, and Molly Qerim.

Currently, he is working as a talkshow host and an analyst on ESPN and ESPN First Take. In August of 2005, he started hosting a regular show of one-hour on ESPN, Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith. After the show was invalid in January 2007, he starts focusing on his favorite sport i.e. basketball, serving this as an NBA analyst.

He is also known as a provoking analyst and purposeful delivery. He has appeared on many ESPN shows apart from these two, including the reality show Dream Job, and has done the cameos in Pardon the Interruption, Jim Rome is burning and as a participant on 1st and 10. You can read more about celebrities net worth at

Moreover, he has done the talk show on the Sunday morning edition of Sports Center.

On July 2014, Stephen Anthony Smith has made some controversial comment on-air about women provoking domestic violence on the show of ESPN Radio, for which he has been suspended. Many people called this an egregious blunder of his professional life. However, at the end of the year, he has signed a multi-year deal with ESPN that will give him a salary of above $3 million every year.

On June 2015, Stephen A. Smith gets a criticism for a remark that he made about female soccer players during the match of 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. However, he apologized in a series of tweets later on.

Later on, in 2016, he joined the Top Rank’s broadcasting team for the Manny Pacquiao vs. Jessie Vargas boxing event.

Acting Career: Stephen Anthony Smith has made his debut as an actor in the ABC soap opera General Hospital in a cameo role as atelevision reporter in the episode of 2nd February 2007.

After some time he was cast in the Chris Rock motion picture I Think I Love My Wife. In the beginning of 2014, he has featured in a series of Oberto all-natural beef jerky commercials as The Little Voice in Your Stomach, in these he commercials he appeared with the sports figures and star athletes like Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and pro snowboarder Louie Vito, and famous basketball sports broadcaster Dick “Dickie V” Vitale.

Annual salary and a net worth of Stephen A. Smith:  After signing a deal with ESPN at the end of 2014, his yearly salary is more than $3 million. He also earns about $1 million from the radio show Sirius/XM. This huge salary made his lifestyle lavish. He owns many property and cars. Currently, his estimated net worth is $10 million, which is expected to rise in future because of his successful career.

Marriage and the personal life of Stephen Anthony Smith: Stephen Anthony Smith has always tried to keep his personal life secret. Nobody knows who he is dating and married to right now, but he was seen with a friend in 2011 at the second annual Gala of Steve Harvey Foundation held at Cipriani, Wall Street in New York City, United States of America. However, there was also a rumor in the town that he has a son who is nine years old. Though, Stephen Anthony Smith clearly denied the news of having a son.

How do you get Blue Waffle Disease?

In medical condition and in the eyes of professionals it is a new disease and they don’t have idea why this scary disease start effecting males and females. However, it is believed that various bacteria are responsible for its spreading and the infection spreads from one person to another because of unprotected sexual intercourse.

How to treat Blue Waffle Disease?

According to health experts this disease is same like other sexually transmitted diseases. The treatment usually includes applying and taking antibiotic to treat bacterial infection. Many people search for blue waffle disease cure and they try to treat it at home. Unfortunately, this kind of mysterious disease cannot be treated at home. If you want speedy recover then you have to maintain proper hygienic conditions. Wear clean cotton underwear and take care of cleanliness. You have to consider various factors when it comes to the prevention of this scary disease. Always pay attention to your sex life, keep your genital areas clean, and avoid having multiple sex partners and most important wearing condoms will help to prevent any kind of infection, Learn more at this site Charlies Magazines


Blue Waffle Disease Real or Fake

Many of the people are still confused especially when they search for images of blue waffle disease because you encounter such terrible images so don’t search for the images of this disease from now. I tell you why, According to Women’s Health Foundation, there is no such disease known as blue waffle disease in the world of medical science. No such disease exist which cause blue genital organs. It’s all myth and hoax. Few years back this disease was searched all over internet and it became trendy. Every teenager and school going girl wanted to know about the truth of this disease. It is actually an internet-borne disease. Blue Waffle Disease myth was spread from a website claiming of mysterious blue color disease of genital organs. The image which was shown is actually a gentian violet color stained vaginal yeast infection. From that day, the news spread all over the spread and become a subject of discussion. However, according to the updated research no such blue waffle disease exists in women and men learn more

When you will see the search trends on Google, you will come to know that a few years back people used to search for this disease but now the trends declined to zero because no such disease exist in the world. Therefore, don’t get scared whenever you see any image of genital organs showing blue color. Just be cleaned and take care of proper hygiene. You also get prevented from various kinds of skin infections due to proper cleanliness.